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motorbike engine


We specialize in engine machining but do custom work to fit those special or retrofit parts. American V twins are our specialty but our machinist is also a Licensed Motorcycle mechanic with extensive experience in many makes of motorcycle and automotive engines. He has also taught Engine Design at colleges for the aspiring Automotive Apprentices. 

  • Head repair and modification- flow bench in house.

  • Cylinder boring and refinishing.

  • Bottom end rebuilds and balancing.

  • Carb / Throttle body mods and testing.

  • Consultation on your engine needs and possible potential. 

How big, how fast, cam choice, the  best design for your needs with certified results.


The dyno is capable of 180 MPH runs has a roller width of 64" and a 800 HP capacity. Dyno  testing is available to individuals or businesses.  Simple HP Runs- Analytical runs to determine capabilities and potential - Diagnostic runs to aid in determining problems- Load simulations to aid in remapping  fuel and ignition curves.

Bring us to your business or event as an added attraction or to show your customers you are serious about bringing them state of the art tuning capabilities.

The dyno is designed for motorcycle, trike, side by side, ATV, and go kart testing but we are always eager to expand are testing potential, so call us with your questions. We would love to add your vehicle to the list of what our dyno is capable of testing.(legends, formula 1000 and 1600). 

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We do a wide range of general repairs on custom rides and any year/model of Harley.


We can fabricate a wide variety of custom pieces for your unique ride.

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